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Spurs Stop Streak

The Nets winning streak came to an end in San Antonio Tuesday night, as the Spurs were able to slow down Vince Carter and the New Jersey offense, which was missing Richard Jefferson. Carter scored 34 points, but shot just 11 for 29 from the field, as the Spurs threw multiple defenders at him whenever he tried to make a move towards the basket. San Antonio built a 11 point lead late in the first half, but the Nets went on a 16-4 to lead by 2 midway through the third quarter. The Spurs answered with their own 15-6 run to take back control of the game and then led by as many as 16 in the fourth. The Nets battled back to within 4, but the Spurs were able to hit their free throws down the stretch to win by 5. The Nets were able to get out on the break (19 FBP), but only assisted on 18 of their 37 field goals.