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Nets Have Had Long Interest in Grizzlies' Dahntay Jones

If the Grizzlies' Jerry West should call the Nets' Rod Thorn to discuss the availability of Jeff McInnis, one name sure to come up is that of Dahntay Jones, the Grizzlies' athletic 6'6" shooting guard. Jones, who just turned 25, was targeted by the Nets in December 2004, days after the trade for Vince Carter. A solid defender with more than enough athleticism and shooting skills to come off the bench.

For a while, it looked like Jones, a Trenton native, was on his way home to New Jersey, as these excerpts from New York/New Jersey and Memphis papers indicate:

"The Nets could make another minor deal, but not for size. One source said they might trade a second-round pick to Memphis for former Rutgers and Duke guard Dahntay Jones. "
--The Record, December 18, 2004

"While Thorn may not be done dealing - he needs some bigger bodies, and a source said the team is looking into acquiring Memphis guard Dahntay Jones - the team president is thrilled to get a player he didn't think he could acquire."
--New York Daily News, December 18, 2004

"A report that the Griz are close to sending Dahntay Jones to New Jersey for draft picks are said to be overblown. But the Nets' interest is legitimate."
--Memphis Commercial Appeal, December 19, 2004

"They are working on a deal with Memphis for former Rutgers and Duke guard Dahntay Jones. If that gets done, the Nets will have a glut of shooting guards with Carter, Ron Mercer and Rodney Buford. One of the latter two likely will go."
--The Record, December 21, 2004

"Also, the Nets have continued interest in Dahntay Jones - and were close to finalizing a deal with Memphis before discussions snarled.

"Should Jones, or another two guard, be acquired, then the Nets would likely waive Rodney Buford, who's shooting .312 through an aggravating shot selection that has disappointed team brass. "
--New York Post, December 21, 2004

The question is whether the Nets are still interested in Jones after they drafted Antoine Wright and re-upped Zoran Planinic this summer.