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Drejer Plays Poorly in Loss to Romania

Christian Drejer, the Nets' 2004 second round draft choice, scored only 10 points in Denmark's 69-67 loss to Romania, disappointing hoops fans in the Scandanavian nation like Christian Vinther. Vinther of danskbasket.kd reports:

It was in general a really poor game and it seemed like they expected to win this one and forgot to actually play ball. Drejer did not play very well, he had lots of TO's and only 10 points. He did not seem to be in control of the ball. Freethrows were also really awful in general, I think the FT stats went up in the end but we missed the first six FT's. We were up 12-4 (I think) in the first period and then we lost concentration (lots of TO's).

At half time Romania led the game 36-27. We came back in the third and managed to get ahead with 8
points with 7 minutes left in the fourth. Then we lost it again. The Romanians had a 10 or 12-0 run. We forgot to box out in defence that's how they got half of the points in the run. The other half came from the
Romanian PG who made two threes from the corner.

In the first half we had 16 TO's mostly due to careless ballhandling and passing. The game could have gone in over time but our point guard (Chanan Colman) deliberately fouled to get the Romanians to the line as
he thought we were down when it was actually 67-67, disaster especially when you're the point guard.

The best dane was Thomas Soltau 6-11 powerforward/center player. He had about 16 points.