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Fun With RJ

RJRichard Jefferson's well known wit is getting some attention from gossip columnists and sports writers alike.

Here are two recent examples:

Basketball players Luke Walton, of the L.A. Lakers, and Richard Jefferson, of the N.J. Nets, jointly closed escrow on a seven-bedroom home in Rancho Santa Fe as an off-season getaway. The young bachelors were roommates at the University of Arizona. Several teammates showed up for their open house, for which everyone was asked to wear white. Those who didn't, reports one attendee, "were thrown into the pool."

You know how the NBA took over Wheel of Fortune a few weeks back? Richard Jefferson had this to say about Vanna White: "I pray my wife looks like her at whatever age she is."

For the record, the lovely Ms. White is a sprightly 48. It could not be determined if the Salute to White at RJ's housewarming was an homage to Vanna.