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Planinic Injury Apparently Not Serious

Igor Petrinovic of reports from Belgrade that Zoran Planinic's ankle injury does not appear serious, that while he did not play the last two games he is not limping and never went to a clinic for any examination or treatment. In short, it appears to be a twisted ankle.

Here is his email to NetsDaily:

Nothing official.

Journalists are refering to it as ankle distortion. Pretty much, he twisted his ankle. Well, he did not play in the last two games but he does not seem to be limping. I do not believe it is anything severe. As I found out, neither him nor Kasun have gone to the clinic to get checked. Pretty strange!

He is going back to the States in the next day or so. He did not talk to any of the journalists due to the fact we all gathered around the players who did well in the last game today, and then immediately learned the team is already packed and as soon as they got back to the hotel, they left to the airport.

They are all pissed at FIBA organization. Everybody around here thinks we were robbed of the semifinals, and probably of a medal because Croatia played the best basketball in the tournament. I know European journalists often have a problem of staying objective, but even half of the Serbian media (and some Spanish) thinks that way. That really must mean Croatia was robbed in the game against Spain.

Well, if I see anything more in the paper I'll let you know. I do not really know him so I will not be calling him to find out. And honestly, since it does not look serious, it is the last thing Croatians here think about :)))