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So Now We Wait...

Some key quotes from Thorn's press conference:

I was shocked by it.

Was he as surprised as you were?
RT: Yes.

It was something that we were certainly unaware of. He was evidently unaware of it also.

It was something that he has never missed a game for.

Is there a time frame on this second opinion?
RT: I don’t know but we are trying to get things moving as rapidly as we can and hopefully we’ll know as quickly as we can. But there is no time frame. It has to be done by the 12th.

So it's definitely not his elbow and probably not his knee, since it seems to be a total surprise. But the "It was something that he has never missed a game for" statement makes me think that it is a physical injury, rather than a condition of some sort. And the last statement above makes me think that the trade will eventually go through. If he thought that it wouldn't, he would have used the 9th (when the trade exception expires) as the deadline date.

So tonight/tomorrow morning, we'll see what these Nets beat writers are made of. How many of them will get the scoop on what the problem is? discussion