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Finland, 87, Denmark 71

Christian Vinter of reports on the Finnish National's team's victory over Christian Drejer's Danes:

The game monday was unofficial and admittance was free, it was played PM 02:00 local time wher most people work. However, they had invited schools etc. to come and watch the game.

The Club that arranged the game put a recap in danish on their homepage,, but there is no boxscore from the game. It was supposedly an "ugly" game since both teams used it to try different lineups. Denmark lost the game 87-71 and the Finns ended the game with a buzzer beater from half court. Christian Drejer led Denmark with 18 points while Finlands star Hanno Möttölä, formerly of the Atlanta Hawks, led the Finnish team with 28 points.

The periods scores were as follows Denmark-Finland: 20-22, 34-37, 52-60, 71-87. Spectators: less than 70.

Christian Drejer only played in the first half but still managed to lead Denmark with 18 points.

The Danish coach was relatively calm while the Finnish coach received a technical foul in the second period and reportedly inceased the game's limited entertainment value. The Danish coach was satisfied with game as it allowed him to test some of the less used players before Saturday's game against Iceland.