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Stefanski Scouting Trip

Stefanski is supposed to head down to Argentina in the next few days to scout at the FIBA U-21 World Championships in Mar Del Plata. Twelve teams from around the world will compete although some of the best players--those drafted in June by NBA teams--are not likely to attend. The US and Argentine teams are favored. Among those who will be playing for Team USA: Rudy Gay, the 6' 8" swingman from Connecticut, and J. J. Redick, the 6' 4" guard from Duke. The other teams who be competing are China, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, Greece, Iran, Israel, Nigeria and Lithuania.

The Nets' international scouts usually provide Stefanski with the files of top prospects who they have already seen and recommended. Stefanski then adds his own comments as the files grow in size.