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Frank on the FAN

L Frank was on the FAN this morning with Ian Eagle. No earth-shattering news, but it seems clear that Ron Mercer will be Allan Houston-ed. "He is currently a Net", Frank said. I think I may be Mercer's biggest defender when he comes up on the message boards. If healthy, he can be some solid instant-offense off the bench. But alas, that is one big if and Mercer seems to be dead weight at this point.

Frank also said that they are looking to add one big man and one wing. He obviously didn't mention any names, but Eagle mentioned Hunter (I like it), Traylor (I like it too), Diop (please no) and Aaron McKie. Eagle actually said that the Nets are very high on McKie. That could be a nice veteran addition. After reading the papers today, and hearing Thorn had said that they are looking to add a "defensive specialist", Shandon Anderson climbed the list of potentials in my mind. The addition of another veteran wing would seemingly move Antoine Wright down the depth chart, though. Eagle also said that they are "very curious" about Raef LaFrentz, who could be amnestied by Boston. Time will tell. I'm just happy that (with the exception of Diop) all the names being mentioned would be solid bench players. The contrast between last summer and this one is pretty staggering.

Seems like the Nets really did their homework on McInnis. Even though that signing seemed to come out of the blue, they apparently talked to him several times and are confident that he won't be a problem. Time will tell.

Nets interviews are 10x better with Ian, than with any of the other FAN heads. There's no way that Russo, Francessa or even Rosenberg would ask about Mercer or Planinic.