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Drejer Stars vs. Finland

Here is a report on the Denmark-Finland exhibition game today in the Danish city of Arhus from Christian Vinther of It appears that Drejer is not done yet.

Denmark started by getting ahead with 7-10 points in the first quarter. Drejer started on the bench but got on court halfway through the first period and started contributing right away. In the middle of the second half he got people off their chairs doing a "stick back" (som kind of dunk) in traffic. It was obivous that Finland was prepared for Drejer and he was often double teamed but never forced the shot. He displayed great patience in finding the open the open man instead. The first and second period Denmark controlled the game. In the third Denmark let Finland back in the game but in the fourth quarter Denmark got back on top and won the game 69-62. Drejer had 21 points and 5 assists in 25 minutes on court while Finlands Hanno Möttölä (Currently with Dinamo Moscow and formerly of the Atlanta Hawks) also had 21 points in 35 minutes on court. Denmark only shot 47.8 % from the line (11 of 23). Denmark owned the boards with Chris Christoffersen taking down 10 boards and Peter Johansen had 7 boards. Unfortunately the many boards did not materialise on the scoreboard.