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Ilic Stat Check

When Mile Ilic takes 10 or more shots [three games], he averages 18.3 points per game and shoots 76.5% [26 for 34]

When he plays more than 20 minutes [11 games], the 7'2" center averages 12 points and shoots 73.3% [55 for 75], bags 6.1 rebounds and blocks 2.0 shots.

Ilic is a terrible foul shooter, hitting a Shaq-like 47.5%, but is a streak shooter at the line. In eight games, he has hit fewer than 33.3% of his shots. In one game, he was 2-for-9. In six other games, he has hit better than 75% of his shots.

Overall, he averages a point every two minutes and a rebound every four minutes he is on the floor. However, because of foul troubles--he averages nearly three a game overall, he is only on the floor an average of 20 minutes per game. That amounts to half a regulation international game.

He gets called for fewer fouls in the ULEB Cup competition, where teams from across Europe compete, than he does in the Adriatic League, made up of teams from the former Yugoslavia. On a 40-minute basis [the length of a European game], he averages 4.4 personals in the ULEB Cup, 6.4 in the Adriatic League.

Earlier in the year, he was doing much better in one league, the ULEB Cup, than the other, but in recent weeks, he has played better in both and is now averaging 9.9 ppg in the ULEB Cup and 8.9 in the Adriatic League. Both averages have gone up in the past month.

He is the leading shot-blocker in the Europe-wide ULEB Cup competition at 2.0 and second leading shot-blocker in the Adriatic League. In the overall Euroleague, which is composed of the main Euroleague and the ULEB Cup competitions, he is also No. 2. So it is fair to call him one of the Europe's best shot blockers.