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Nets Five Game Stats Dominate

Over the course of the Nets' five game winning streak, the team is dominating the NBA statistics columns.

The team is in the top ten in 14 different categories:

--No. 3 in points per game at 104.6

--No. 1 in winning margin at 13.8 points per game

--No. 6 in fewest points allowed at 90.8 points per game

--No. 5 in field goal percentage at 47.9%

--No. 4 in opponents field goal percentage at 41.2%

--No. 5 in three point shooting at 41.2%

--No. 10 in opponents three point shooting at 32.6%

--No. 6 in free throw percentage at 79.0 %

--No. 1 in assists per game at 26.4

--No. 3 in assist per game margin at 6.4

--No. 4 in rebounds per game at 43.6

--No. 6 in rebounding per game margin at 3.8

--No. 6 in fewest blocked shots allowed per game at 4

--No. 3 in fewest steals allowed per game at 8.8