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Jason Kidd - Point Guard for the 50+ Set

Five times, Jason Kidd has been the point guard when one of his teammates went off on a 50-point tear, twice with the Mavericks, twice with the Suns and after Friday night, once with the Nets. In each case, the total was the player's career high or tied a career high. Among the players on the list, the player who has benefited most from playing with Kidd: Cliff Robinson.

Here is the list:

Vince Carter, New Jersey, 51 points, December 23, 2005 vs. Miami [tied for career high];

Tony Delk, Phoenix, 53 points, January 2, 2001 vs. Sacramento [career high];

Cliff Robinson, Phoenix, 50 points, January 16, 2000 vs. Denver [career high];

Jimmy Jackson, Dallas, 50 points, November 26, 1994 vs. Denver [career high]; and

Jamal Mashburn, Dallas, 50 points, November 12, 1994 vs. Chicago [tied for career high].

Other players who had their career highs playing with Kidd include Antonio McDyess [46] and Shawn Marion [38 twice].