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Fan Launches Fake Nets News Website

Curly Beast, a Nets fan with a wicked sense of humor and an keen appreciation for the extremes of sports writing (including that written here), has launched a fake Nets news site, appropriately named Fake Nets News. In the first edition, Nets' 2004 draft choice Christian Drejer demands a trade from the Nets, claiming he didn't get a chance in the Las Vegas summer league and like Marc Jackson and Jeff McInnis needs more space to show off his talents.

We can only wish Curly Beast the best and hope that he soon takes up other worthy subjects, like Shareef Abdur-Rahim's trick knee, Alonzo Mourning's 'roid rage, backbench wardrobe competitions between Antoine Wright and Linton Johnson III...and really what do we need to know about a basketball player who uses "The Third"?

Enjoy...Jon Stewart would be proud!