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Game 12 Thoughts...

Some thoughts from Friday night's loss in Phoenix...

- It wasn't that the Nets were just shooting poorly early. They were taking bad shots. Carter took two shots off of one foot that were just terrible. McInnis took several "runners", shooting 0-5 and getting benched in the second half. What happened to the idea of setting your feet and squaring your shoulders?

- The defensive effort was much improved. One possession that stands out is when Eddie House tried to shake Planinic with the shot clock winding down. Zoran stuck with him and did a great job of contesting the shot.

- Kidd put it in that extra gear of his in the second half. The Nets need that from the start on Sunday.

- Vaughn was excellent defensively, but he is an offensive liability out there.

- Big minutes for the big three. RJ sat for a total of one minute and one second. With a back-to-back coming up, that will have to change.

- One would suppose that if Krstic was feeling 100%, he would have been able to take more advantage of the mismatch with Boris Diaw.