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Preseason Game 7 Observations

- The Nets starters really forced the tempo to start the game. They used their 2-2-1 press and looked to push the ball on every possession. That's what got them the early 19-9 lead.

- The lead started to slip away of course, once the subs came in. The bench couldn't make any stops and they couldn't get anything going offensively in the first half.

- The Nets again used the zone in the last couple of minutes of the first half.

- They did a much better job of protecting the ball tonight. They didn't try to make the pass that wasn't there. Just 11 turnovers tonight vs. the 21.5 they had averaged in the first 6 games.

- Zoran can get the ball to the basket. There should be no doubt of that after tonight. He and McInnis is not a bad combination in the backcourt. In the Nets' offense Zoran gets to handle the ball enough even if he's on the floor with another point guard.

- No word on Kidd's injury. Doesn't seem serious though.