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Preseason Game 6 Observations

Watching Nets/Celtics on League Pass...

Beginning of 1st - No Kidd, no Krstic and it seems the non-contract guys will be getting plenty of burn... their last chance to make an impression. There's sure to be a cut or two or three tomorrow.

End of 1st - The Nets don't really fight through screens at all. They are quick to switch. A good offensive team will take advantage of that quite a bit.

- Boston is a good defensive team. The Nets are not getting open looks. Everything is contested.

6:00 2nd Q - Have to be inpressed with this Orien Greene kid.

5:25 2nd Q - Veal finally hits a jumper. That shot actually looked like his form. The first two looked different when he was shooting. I've said it in the past: Veal had the best shooting form on the Nets.

5:00 2nd Q - Celtics are not letting Carter and RJ get to the basket. Their big men are doing a good job of rotating to help.

:26.5 2nd Q - It seems like RJ can draw a foul whenever he wants to.

End 2nd Q - I don't care who is playing and who is not. The Nets have just looked ugly offensively the last two nights. They are not clicking at all. They are not getting open shots. I'm not sure whether it is a chemistry issue - with Twin and Zoran out, not of these units have spent too much time together - but baskets are not coming easily to this team.

- The Nets showed a little zone at the end of the half there. They did a bit last night as well. It will be interesting to see if Frank works the zone in a bit more as we get closer to the regular season.

6:56 3rd Q - This has turned into a major blowout. It's one thing when you just aren't clicking, but now it looks like the effort is lacking. Hey, the Celtics played last night too.

- You cannot let Mark Blount and Raef LaFrentz beat you down the floor for easy baskets.

2:27 3rd Q - Jacque Vaughn just blocked a shot. Linton Johnson just had his shot blocked... by the rim.

End 3rd Q - The Nets may break 50 tonight. I'm looking for the 4th quarter to be a personal battle between Antoine Wright and Gerald Green. Of course, the battle will be in the bottom right corner of my screen as I start paying more attention to the World Series.

11:00 4th Q - Green misses his first dunk attempt of the quarter. There are bound to be more...

8:00 4th Q - Zimmerman, Shields, McInnis, L. Johnson and Handlogten. Oh boy.

End 4th Q - Sure, only two starters were playing and they seemed a bit disinterested in just 15 minutes of action each, but this is still a disappointing performance. The Nets need more production, better defense and more consistancy out of their second unit. There are only two more preseason games left. You would hope to see a more fine-tuned squad before the season gets started. There's still a lot of work to do.

Linton Johnson was the only bright spot, but I'm not sure it's enough to get him a spot on the active roster to start the season (if everyone is healthy).