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Preseason Game 1 Observations

The Nets showed some press early on, looking to trap. It seems like forcing tempo a bit and trying to get teams to make mistakes will be a priority.

They went to Krstic early and he showed a nice move down low and a little bit of range.

Zoran really looked like two different players tonight. The first half Zoran was pretty shaky, but the second half Zoran was terrific and really showed that he can be a nice weapon off the bench.

I think Padgett will have a bigger role on this team than I had previously thought. As in the Real Training Camp on Monday, he showed very nice passing skills down low.

Murray's shooting will be very important for this team.

Vaughn is a pleasure to watch on defense. If you want to learn how to play defense, watch him. He is also always teaching out there on the floor.

It is very difficult at this point to figure out who (of the 14 players under contract) will start out the season on the inactive list. The good thing is that the inactive list can change daily, so there doesn't have to be permanent members (shout out to Tamar Slay).