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Real Training Camp

10:00 McInnis is in his practice uniform... apparently his nickname is "Touché".

10:02 Frank references Roger Clemens' committment in yesterday's game and the Patriots winning despite injuries.

10:04 Going over the "zipper set." Looks like an offense with RJ coming off a baseline screen, then Carter cutting to the basket.

For those who had any doubts, Twin is with the first team.

10:06 Went over several variations of the zipper offensive set.

10:08 Quick transition into defense. Going over switching on screens on the ball.

10:09 As the team transitions into a fast break drill, we see RJ teaching Lamond Murray about what they just went over.

10:10 Tim Capstraw remarks about how Frank just went over 4 offensive sets in about 5 minutes. "It is up to the players to know that once you start playing... The amount of mental work you have to do is significant."

Commercial break. If you're watching, or if you are following along here... let us know what you think by submitting your comments.

10:14 Showing a previously taped interview with Carter (from the training room). He's excited to get started tomorrow. "We feel we're definitely capable of competing and we're not scared to say it and we're not scared to go out on the floor and prove it."

10:15 Stretching.

10:16 Capstraw and Apple talking about VC, how he's unselfish. Showing some highlights. Team is still stretching. Dalatri is leading.

10:20 Still stretching. Talking about Kidd now. Capstraw remarks how you can't measure him historically by stats. It's more about will, leadership and making his teammates better.

Commercial break. We'll spend it by endorsing Dave D'Alessandro's blog. Great insider stuff from camp. Who knew Dave was a Cream fan?

10:23 Training interview with Kidd. "We've got something good here. We'll see... Most of those (bench) guys can start."

10:25 Defensive drill. A bit of that machine gun footwork everyone who played high school ball knows.

10:26 According to Apple, McInnis is not taking part, but nothing to worry about. Collins was walking through sets, but is not really taking part in the drills. He can be seen in the background on one of those step machines.

10:28 Carter takes a charge. Jefferson is wearing black shoes - he's the only one. They move into shooting drills - groups of 3 at each basket. Seems like it's a contest between groups.

Frank and Jefferson are mic'd. At one point earlier, Jefferson was seen making sure that there was a delay in the broadcast.

10:31 The first cycle of shooting was stationary. Now they're taking a few steps, catching and shooting.

10:33 Third cycle: Catch, dribble and shoot. Carter is automatic - shooting from just inside the arc.

10:35 Fourth cycle: On the move from elbow to baseline. Adam Chubb struggles a bit. He is in a group with RJ and Krstic.

Commercial break.

10:39 Rod Thorn with Apple and Capstraw: "In my time here, we've never been a good outside shooting team... This is the most outside shooters we've had."

On Jackson "You can't have all finesse players."

"If you have players who can make open shots on the outside, it's a real plus..." (since Carter, RJ and Kidd can create shots).

On minutes... "Bench players need to produce if they want playing time... You can never have enough good players."

Talks about how the active roster can be changed from night to night. So you can determine who you dress according to the opponent.

On Wright: "He moves well without the ball. The two areas he needs to work on are ball handling and being a more consistent shooter."

The non-contract players are wearing orange jerseys.

Commercial break.

10:51 Interview with Marc Jackson as he rides a stationary bike. "We have nothing less than a championship in mind." NBATV shows a stat that Jackson was 7th in the league in scoring among centers last year at 12.0 ppg.

10:53 Frank shown running sprints with the team. Gotta love that.

10:55 Full-court drill. Robinson is with the 1st team. Second team is Zoran, Vaughn, Murray, Jackson and Padgett. Wright and Johnson are with the non-contract guys. Nice pass from Zoran to Murray for a dunk. Wright makes a nice drive and dish to Shields in the corner for a 3.

10:58 Frank compliments Arthur Johnson for a nice dribble hand-off.

10:59 Zoran hits two straight jumpers.

11:00 Very nice dish from Padgett to Jackson under the basket for a lay-up. All three units seem to be clicking well.

11:01 Kidd gives up an open jumper to give it to RJ who drives baseline for a dunk. This drill is pretty intense. The guards are required to push the ball up the floor no matter what the numbers are... another nice pass by Padgett.

11:04 Windmill dunk from Carter off a dish from Kidd.

11:05 RJ tells Zoran to "stop flopping" after he runs over him and scores. Jackson hits a mid-range jumper on a pick-and-pop with Murray.

Commercial break.

11:08 Interview with McInnis. "Looking forward to getting back on SportCenter (assisting Carter)... playing a lot of defense... I've already learned a lot from Jason Kidd in the first week."

11:09 Halfcourt scrimmaging. The goal is for the defense to keep the ball out of the paint. The three squads rotate: offense, defense, out. Frank stresses help defense and communication.

11:16 The orange (3rd) team is having a very tough time keeping the 1st team out of the paint.

11:18 The blue (1st) team wins the drill. Orange and white teams run the length of the floor and back. Frank runs with them.

11:20 Full-court scrimmaging, stopping for instruction. He's mixing up the units a bit.

Seems like all drills are compitetions. For this scrimmage, points are give for stops, scoring, etc. and taken away for turnovers or giving up an offensive rebound. The non-contact players are rotated in with the starters and second team.

11:29 Commercial break.

11:32 Blue team wins the drill. They had Kidd, Carter, Adam Chubb, Robinson and Krstic on the floor at the end.

11:36 After another commercial break, more 5 on 5 drills. First and second units are back in tact, except that Wright has replaced Zoran for white.

11:39 Kidd, Carter and RJ joke around while Frank goes over a play with the white team.

11:40 Frank brings in the blue team to show them what play to run. Chubb makes a nice back-door pass to LJIII who blows a lay-up.

Padgett has looked good offensively. Knocking down jumpers and making nice interior passes.

11:48 Apple notes Zoran's absence from this drill. He apparently collided with Kidd earlier. They are sitting him as a precaution. Hamstring maybe?

11:49 Blue team runs a press off a made free throw. When white runs it, Arthur Johnson forgets to make a move at the ball handler after the ball crosses mid-court.

11:52 Chubb with the monster jam off a dish from Kidd on the break.

11:58 Krstic seems to have turned his ankle.

12:02 Free throw shooting.

12:05 Showing the clinic Frank ran for the media. He's running through the alley-oop play they ran for RJ to win the Cleveland game last season.

12:09 Sit-down interview with Carter. "This is a great opportunity for me to understand the offense and the guys from the beginning instead of being thrown into the fire."

Capstraw remarks about VC's post-up ability. Says it's a key to the Nets' success.

"The overall goal of this team is to win. It doesn't matter who gets the points."

"We're very unselfish, yes, but I think we understand when we need to take over."

12:18 Interview with RJ... "This is actually pretty light as far as our practices go."

RJ shows off his surgery scar. Says he's been working on post-ups - shooting off both shoulders. Capstraw remarks how RJ was shooting when they arrived an hour and fifteen minutes before practice.

"Linton Johnson I think is somebody who is going to surprise a lot of people in the NBA this year."

Frank interview coming next...

12:25 Interview with Frank. "This was a made-for-TV practice."

"When your best players want to be coached, everybody else falls in line."

"We're going to be a high-level defensive team. We're going to have to subscribe to the gang-rebounding theory."

Praises Ratner, Thorn and Stefanski for upgrading the roster.

That's it. If we missed anything or if you have a question, post a comment below. should have a few video highlights up later today. Keep checking the news section for a link.