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Road Woes

With a tough schedule, the Nets needed to be at the top of their game this week, but they fell short, dropping 3 road games, and salvaging a home win over the Warriors Friday night. There were some positives along the way, namely the play of Jason Kidd, but the Nets can't wait much longer to start putting together real W's. It has to start with defense, which will allow them to get out and running more often. Despite Jason Kidd's improved play, the Nets had a total of just 19 fast break points in the last 3 games, and they have yet to truly take advantage of their backcourt talent.

Meanwhile, the urgency to acquire a big man increases, but Rod Thorn isn't having much luck. He reportedly offered a trade exception to Golden State for Clifford Robinson, but the Warriors aren't biting right now. Thorn may have to wait until the trade deadline before teams are willing to deal their extra big men.