News regarding the Nets on TV and radio.

Playoff Theme: It's "Blackout in Brooklyn"


The Nets are all but assured of homecourt advantage in the playoffs. So on April 20 or thereabouts, Barclays Center will host its first playoff game and as the latest episode of the "The...

Lopez on Playoffs: "We can go all the way"


Brook Lopez, who will be playing in the post-season for the first time, leads the Nets in enthusiasm and optimism. "We can go all the way," said Lopez of the Nets chances in an interview with "The...


Toko Talks Nets Unique Togetherness

In his "In-Bounds" interview with Alyonka Larionov, Toko Shengelia talks about the biggest shock he had on joining the NBA: his team's togetherness. "The whole team is really together, everybody...

Ruocco: D-Will was accountable, is now confident


In an interview with NetsDaily, YES' Ryan Ruocco says Deron Williams play is benefiting not just from the physical rest and PRP treatment, but a soaring self-confidence that had sapped the point...

Reggie Evans star of latest "The Association"


"The Association" airs its latest episode Wednesday before the Bulls game and the star of the show is Reggie Evans, whose work ethic is spotlight, from extra workouts to his early arrival at...

Three Nets games to air on WWOR


It's baseball season and Nets fans know what that means: finding Nets games on television will be a challenge. YES (Yankees Entertainment and Sports) will choose to broadcast the pinstripers over...


Teletovic on the game, the war, the family

In what's probably the best of the In-Bounds segment, Mirza Teletovic talks with Alyonka Larionov about the Bosnian War, the transition from Europe to the NBA, his family and the love of his life,...

"The Association:" Billy King Tries for Josh Smith


"The Association: Brooklyn Nets" is back and in the most intriguing bit, Billy King is seen working the phones at the trade deadline, listening as Danny Ferry, the Hawk GM tells King the Nets...


MarShon and Alyonka ... Together Again

MarShon Brooks and Alyonka Larionov continue their on-screen magic in his "In Bounds" interview. From training camp on, the two have made for a winsome TV coupling and now with their one-on-one,...


Hump talks about life, Not Kim ... or Maurice

Kris Humphries doesn't talk about Kim Kardashian (or "Maurice!") in his "In Bounds" interview with Alyonka Larionov, but he hints at the effects on his life. He also talks about the role of...

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