News regarding the Nets on TV and radio.

"The Association" concludes with playoffs


If you want to re-live the first round of the playoffs, the producers of "The Association: Brooklyn Nets" have you covered. The final episode of the season-long aired Thursday night (and will air...

P.J. hints player development was issue


P.J. Carlesimo is making the rounds on New York radio Monday. He admitted to Tim Brando of CBS Sports that the Nets loss to the Bulls was not the determining factor in his release and hinted to...

Are the Nets "gutless, heartless?"

This was not to be your typical beat reporter interview -- a discussion of what each team has to do in the second half. Joe Cowley had something to say about how the Bulls viewed the Nets, and by...

A few minutes with Sarah Kustok


Sarah Kustok admits that growing up in the Chicago suburbs, she was a Bulls fan. Who wasn't? But watching the Nets upclose as both players and individuals, she's biased toward the team the Bulls...


The frustrations of Tyshawn Taylor

Alyonka Larionov got Tyshawn Taylor to about his frustration, part of her "In-Bounds" series on BCTV. In the second part of the interview, he doesn't hold back, even suggesting that he may need to...

TUNE-IN Alert: Where Brooklyn (Nets) At?


The Nets and YES have put out notes on what to expect regarding local and regional coverage of Games 3 -5 of the Chicago series.

YES Network ratings jump dramatically, but...


The final local television ratings for all 30 NBA teams are out for the regular season and there's good news and bad news for YES. The regional network's coverage of the Nets jumped 210 percent...


Taylor talks family, how he's "already won"

In her most affecting interview in the "In Bounds" series, Alyonka Larionov talks to Tyshawn Taylor mostly about his family and how although he was "born to lose," he's "won already," with his...

Black in Brooklyn: from Popcorn to Uniforms


The Nets are carrying the "Brooklyn Blackout" theme to its ultimate and logical conclusion: The Nets will wear black at home for Saturday's game. Could help: the Nets did have their best road...


Nets look forward while thanking fans

The Nets will unveil a new, playoff video Saturday during Game 1 of the playoffs, which is a state secret. In the meantime, they've posted new videos, one that features thank you's for their...

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