Team Prokhorov

Editor: Spending assures big second year at arena

Abraham D. Madkour, executive editor of Sports Business Journal, has an admission: he underestimated the Nets' ownership. He expressed concern that the Nets first year in Brooklyn could be a tough act to follow. Not concerned now.

Why did AK-47 sign? Maybe it was Irina's charm!

Bill Simmons tries his hand at figuring out why Andrei Kirilenko left $7 million on the table to sign ith the Nets. He rounds up the usual suspects, then concludes that perhaps it was Irina Pavlova's charm that did it. She won't disagree.

Did Prokhorov mount first strike in NBA arms race?

A Toronto columnist asks if Mikhail Prokhorov's spending is an "amusing curiosity" or "existential threat" to the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement and the ideal of league-wide parity. If Nets succeed, he thinks it's the latter.

Prokhorov's spending getting noticed ... in Miami

Heat beat writers write this weekend that Mikhail Prokhorov is targeting their team with his spendthrift ways. They worry that it could work, preventing a three-peat and driving a wedge between Pat Riley and Micky Arison.

Forbes: Nets likely to lose $50 million this year

The Nets don't release profit-and-loss statements but Forbes in an analysis of the team's spending habits, estimates it could lose $50 million this season.

Prokhorov happily shreds CBA in going for title

Mikhail Prokhorov left no doubt Thursday that he is willing spend a considerable part of his vast fortune to win a championship. It is a tribute to the team's fans ... and make no mistake about it, good business.

King: We'll know a lot "midway through the year"

In an interview with Ian O'Connor on ESPN Radio, Billy King said the Nets will know their championship window "midway trough the year." He also said the Nets are now a "destination" team like Miami and Dallas have been.

Kirilenko: Money matters less than a championship

In his first comments since agreeing to join the Nets, Andrei Kirilenko tells a Russian publication that money was a consideration for him, but he couldn't resist a chance to win a championship.

Expect Nets, Islanders push for Russian fans

Expect to see a lot more Russian marketing of the Nets ... and Islanders. The Nets already have an increasingly visible Russian language site and don't be surprised to see the Islanders do the same.

Andrei Kirilenko is a Net, too

This is Mikhail Prokhorov's day. After saying the basketball gods had "smiled" on the Nets and that he expects the Nets to be "dazzling" with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, he announced that Andrei Kirilenko, his countryman, has signed with Brooklyn.

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