Team Prokhorov

Prokhorov's net worth has dropped, says Forbes


Forbes is out with its annual list of billionaires. It estimates Mikhail Prokhorov is worth ONLY $10.9 billion, putting him 109th on Forbes list. That would be a big dropoff from 2011 when Forbes...

Prokhorov spending too much on Nets? YES!


Here's our response: as Nets fans, we don't care. We aren't multi-millionaires or billionaires. If the Big Russian wants to try to build a championship by "overspending" on the team, we are with...

From Brooklyn to Sochi, Prokhorov's cash has value


Russians love biathlon, but the sport fell into disrepair and scandal. So in 2008, Mikhail Prokhorov took over and guess what he did: spend and spend and spend. Now comes the test of all that...

Cuban goes after fellow (but lesser) billionaire


Before this team lost to the Nets Friday night had himself some fun at Mikhail Prokhorov's expense. Hypothetically, he said he couldn't see how ownership from 5,000 miles away could succeed. Of...

D-Will: Kidd found his way after Frank left


After seven wins in eight games, Jason Kidd is getting respect, a far cry from the storyline a month and a half ago. Kidd was "a zombie," the "worst coach in the league" and "bush league." D-Will...

Nets now fifth most valuable NBA franchise


You want to know why Mikhail Prokhorov has been willing to spend big bucks on the Nets? Darrell Rovell thinks he does... It's a great investment. The Nets are now worth $780 million, fifth in the...

Russian Culture in Brooklyn, Nets gear in Russia


The Nets will offer an "Evening of Russian Cuture" Tuesday during the Magic game.Appropriately, it arrives with Moscow weather. It's part of the Nets increased presence in Russia and Russian...

Increasing role for Prokhorov aide?


Sergey Kushchenko is head of the Russian biathlon union and Mikhail Prokhorov's sports adviser. So why is he in London at Nets practice and not pushing the biathletes? Tim Bontemps and Stefan Bondy...

As expected, Prokhorov flying to London for game


Stefan Bondy reports that Mikhail Prokhorov will indeed be in London this week to watch the Nets play the Hawks. He's expected to talk to the team as well. Prokhorov hasn't watched the Nets since...

So this is Russian Christmas, what have you done?


Mikhail Prokhorov is spending his Russian Christmas far from Moscow. As he and many of his oligarchic friends do every year around this time, the Nets owner is partying in the French Alps, and the...

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