Team Prokhorov

Prokhorov is sixth biggest spender in pro sports

When Mikhail Prokhorov bought the Nets, he thought he could model them after European soccer clubs, many of them owned by sheiks and oligarchs who like him are willing to spend. Well, in one way, it's certainly worked out that way: in spending.

Prokhorov's sister slams Putin crackdown on media

Irina Prokhorova, sister of the Nets owner and one of Russia's leading intellectuals, is among those leading the country's liberal elite in attacking the Russian government's crackdown on the media and academia, Foreign Policy reports.

Prokhorov "may or may not" transfer Nets to Russia

In a statement Tuesday, Mikhail Prokhorov's ONEXIM noted that a transfer of his Brooklyn assets "may or may not come to fruition" and would be slow. A Prokhorov spokesman also denied to Russian media that any such move is related to Russian sanctions

What's with Prokhorov transferring Nets to Russia?

Reuters, the British news agency, reports Monday that Mikhail Prokhorov is transferring ownership of the Nets from an American company to a Russian company, implying that's related to the Ukraine crisis. It's not. It's been going for nearly a year.

Still spending money: Prokhorov eats Ratner losses

According to the report of the annual report of Bruce Ratner's parent company, Mikhail Prokhorov has agreed to eat Ratner's share of the losses on the Nets, which are in the millions, through the end of next season.

Prokhorov's net worth has dropped, says Forbes

Forbes is out with its annual list of billionaires. It estimates Mikhail Prokhorov is worth ONLY $10.9 billion, putting him 109th on Forbes list. That would be a big dropoff from 2011 when Forbes had him at $18 billion. But it's only an estimate.

Prokhorov spending too much on Nets? YES!

Here's our response: as Nets fans, we don't care. We aren't multi-millionaires or billionaires. If the Big Russian wants to try to build a championship by "overspending" on the team, we are with him! We support him! You go, Big Mike!

From Brooklyn to Sochi, Prokhorov's cash has value

Russians love biathlon, but the sport fell into disrepair and scandal. So in 2008, Mikhail Prokhorov took over and guess what he did: spend and spend and spend. Now comes the test of all that spending: Sochi.

Cuban goes after fellow (but lesser) billionaire

Before this team lost to the Nets Friday night had himself some fun at Mikhail Prokhorov's expense. Hypothetically, he said he couldn't see how ownership from 5,000 miles away could succeed. Of course, the Nets are more valuable than the Mavs.

D-Will: Kidd found his way after Frank left

After seven wins in eight games, Jason Kidd is getting respect, a far cry from the storyline a month and a half ago. Kidd was "a zombie," the "worst coach in the league" and "bush league." D-Will says once Lawrence Frank left, Kidd found his voice.


Nets now fifth most valuable NBA franchise

You want to know why Mikhail Prokhorov has been willing to spend big bucks on the Nets? Darrell Rovell thinks he does... It's a great investment. The Nets are now worth $780 million, fifth in the NBA and had the fastest rise in last year.

Russian Culture in Brooklyn, Nets gear in Russia

The Nets will offer an "Evening of Russian Cuture" Tuesday during the Magic game.Appropriately, it arrives with Moscow weather. It's part of the Nets increased presence in Russia and Russian America, that is Brooklyn.

Increasing role for Prokhorov aide?

Sergey Kushchenko is head of the Russian biathlon union and Mikhail Prokhorov's sports adviser. So why is he in London at Nets practice and not pushing the biathletes? Tim Bontemps and Stefan Bondy talked to him about a bigger role in the Nets.

As expected, Prokhorov flying to London for game

Stefan Bondy reports that Mikhail Prokhorov will indeed be in London this week to watch the Nets play the Hawks. He's expected to talk to the team as well. Prokhorov hasn't watched the Nets since they beat the Heat the first time in early November.

So this is Russian Christmas, what have you done?

Mikhail Prokhorov is spending his Russian Christmas far from Moscow. As he and many of his oligarchic friends do every year around this time, the Nets owner is partying in the French Alps, and the Post's Page Six reports he is having a good time.

Academic says fault isn't Kidd's; It's Prokhorov's

In an article for the very prestiguous Atlantic, Berri writes in-depth on the demise of the Nets, saying the problem lies not with Jason Kidd but with the team constructed for him: "a typical team from New Jersey," filled with aging and pseudo stars.

Tough time for Nets' owner

Mark Heisler, writing for Forbes, takes off from a quote from Irina Pavlova at the All-Star Game announcement and lands squarely on Mikhail Prokhorov's reputation.

Russians frustrated but support Kidd

Ownership, that is Mikhail Prokhorov and Dmitry Razumov, his main contact with the Nets, continue to support Kidd, ESPN's Mark Stein and Ohm Youngmisuk report. Sources have told NetsDaily Moscow is "frustrated" but "hopeful."

Dolan: I'm more patient than Prokhorov

James Dolan's two big sports properties enter Thanksgiving week with disappointing records. The Knicks are 3-8, just like the Nets, and the Rangers are 11-11, not as good as hoped for. Maybe that's why he sat down for a rare interview.


Prokhorov talks Nets, politics and Snowden

On CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose asked Mikhail Prokhorov about his promise to get married if the Nets don't win a championship by 2015, the Nets owner smiled and said, "it was a joke." Does that mean his five year plan is also a joke. No.

Prokhorov: "I'm like a kid in a candy store"

Mikhail Prokhorov, oligarch and Russian presidential hopeful, loves his Nets. "I felt like a big kid in the candy store, and I think that a lot of fans with me also to that candy store because there is a lot of excitement with what we did."

Even with Prokhorov's billions, Nets push revenue

Although Mikhail Prokhorov is financing the Nets losses --reported to be $50 million a year-- Executive VP Jeff Gewirtz told Law in Sport' that a lot of what he and Brett Yormark do every day is look for revenue streams to offset those losses.

Billy King Talks Nets with David Aldridge

During the preseason game between the Nets and Heat, Billy King talked with's David Aldridge about Mikhail Prokhorov's willingness to spend, the hiring of Jason Kidd, a potential rivalry a potential rivalry with Miami, and team flexibility

Aldridge: AK-47 Ready for Breakout Season

At 32, Andrei Kirilenko is the oldest player on David Aldridge's list of 10 who he thinks will have "breakout" seasons this year. His reasoning is that Brooklyn could revitalize that stat-stuffing game AK-47 was famous for,

Can Nets "buy" a championship? Two opinions

In a chat a few days back and in a preseason video, Larry Coon and Chris Mannix have somewhat different takes on whether the Nets can "spend" or "buy" their way to a championship. Coon thinks not. Mannix says it's possible.

Ratner sells majority interest in Atlantic Yards

Bruce Ratner, who saved his investment in the Nets and Barclays Center by selling out to a Russian investor, is now selling a majority interest in the surrounding Atlantic Yards project to a Chinese land company. Barclays Center isn't included.

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