Team Prokhorov


Lopez: "I'm fully cleared for play and everything"

In a video shot in Perm, Russia, Brook Lopez decided to make some news that echoed through Brooklyn. "I'm fully cleared for play and everything," he told a reporter for RBC, Mikhail Prokhorov's...

Nets' revenue base important to Hollins


Lionel Hollins knows what it's like to coach in a small market. Memphis in fact is the NBA's smallest. Now he wants to coach in a big one with a rich owner and as importantly a revenue model where...

Can Prokhorov advisor bring Nets to Moscow?


With the Nets headed to China again in October, will they stop over in Moscow? Is it worth it? Short term, probably not, say insiders, but long-term, it's possible. Sergey Kushchenko, a Nets...

AK-47: "We intend to seriously compete for title"


In an interview with SovSport, the Russian sports tabloid, Andrei Kirilenko said everyone remains focused on an NBA title for Brooklyn, is happy for Sergey Karasev who he expects will get playing...

Nets hoping to pair Karasev and Kirilenko


Sergey Karasev and Andrei Kirilenko were teammates on Russia's bronze medal winning Olympic team in 2012. Kirilenko even played with Karasev's father! Now, the Nets hope AK-47's tutelage can help...

Prokhorov's resources key to Hollins ambitions


In radio interviews the two days, Lionel Hollins has talked a lot about why he likes the Nets head coaching job, but one thing keeps recurring: he has a commitment from Mikhail Prokhorov and Dmitry...

Nets on way to another $100 million payroll?


Billy King says the Nets want to be "financially responsible.". But as his latest hire, Lionel Hollins, noted Monday, "Mikhail Prokhorov has the resources and barring a big surprise, the Nets...

Mikhail Prokhorov wants to cut costs?


It's hard to figure what the New York Post story on Nets possible cost-cutting is about. It shows up on the business page, not the sports page, for starters. And the reality of the last several...

Not selling? Okay, but how much will he spend?


Now that Mikhail Prokhorov, has said he has "no interest" in selling the Nets, the next question is, how much is he willing to spend? Everyone, from Prokhorov on down, knew this was the big year...

Prokhorov: "no interest in selling the team"


With the rising value of the Nets, brought on by the astronomical sale price of the Clippers, Mikhail Prokhorov is trying to gauge the price tag for his team, reports Adrian Wojnarowski. But...


Razumov, Prokhorov No. 2, becomes Nets chairman


Dmitry Razumov, Mikhail Prokhorov's No. 2 who's worked closely with Billy King on basketball operations, has quietly been named chairman of the Nets, replacing another executive from Prokhorov's...

Prokhorov big winner if Sterling sells Clippers


The biggest winner in Donald Sterling's reported decision to sell the Clippers, other than the league's soul, may very well turn out to be Mikhail Prokhorov ... and Bruce Ratner. As Brian Windhorst...

Prokhorov exiting politics, back to business


Mikhail Prokhorov, who ran against Vladimir Putin for president of Russia, is stepping down from the leadership of the political party he founded, a further indication that he's accelerating his...

Vasquez: Kidd developed coaching "persona"


Andy Vasquez writes Sunday about the growth of Jason Kidd as a coach, even though he says "I’m still 6-3 1/2. I still weigh 225. So did I grow? No." Of course, he admits he did, despite the doubt,...

Mikhail Prokhorov releases 2013-14 statement


Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov released a statement on the team's 2013-14 season.

Looking for flexibility in the Nets future


Every year, we take a deep dive into the numbers that define the Nets' flexibility in the off-season. In the New Jersey days, there was plenty of flexibility, but no money. Now the opposite is...

SBJ: Ratner puts billion dollar value on Nets


The investment banker hired by Bruce Ratner to sell his partnership's 20 percent stake in the Nets believes the team alone, not counting the group's interest in the arena, is worth $1 billion and...

Ratner parent company confirms plan to sell


Forest City Enterprises, Bruce Ratner's parent group, confirmed Thursday that it has retained an investment adviser to sell the 20 percent of the Nets Mikhail Prokhorov doesn't own, hopefully by...

Ratner wants to sell remaining stake in Nets


Wall Street Journal reports Bruce Ratner is interested in selling his remaining stake in the Nets, 20 percent, and has retained an investment banker to entertain offers.

Prokhorov: Same to you, pal


Although Mikhail Prokhorov was born in Moscow, his comment on Masai Ujiri's rant was pure Brooklyn, essentially telling Ujiri, "same to you pal." "I think maybe the best [response] is to say the...

King talks about his coach ... and their future


In an interview on NBA TV, Billy King recounts the process that led him to hire Jason Kidd, admitting that he was reluctant at first when "ownership" suggested Kidd as coach, then after one meeting...

Prokhorov to attend Nets playoff games


NetsDaily has learned that Mikhail Prokhorov --and his basketball-savvy No. 2, Dmitry Razumov-- will be at Barclays Center for both Game 3 and 4, filling a promise he made fans that he would attend...

Prokhorov is sixth biggest spender in pro sports


When Mikhail Prokhorov bought the Nets, he thought he could model them after European soccer clubs, many of them owned by sheiks and oligarchs who like him are willing to spend. Well, in one way,...

Prokhorov's sister slams Putin crackdown on media


Irina Prokhorova, sister of the Nets owner and one of Russia's leading intellectuals, is among those leading the country's liberal elite in attacking the Russian government's crackdown on the media...

Prokhorov "may or may not" transfer Nets to Russia


In a statement Tuesday, Mikhail Prokhorov's ONEXIM noted that a transfer of his Brooklyn assets "may or may not come to fruition" and would be slow. A Prokhorov spokesman also denied to Russian...

What's with Prokhorov transferring Nets to Russia?


Reuters, the British news agency, reports Monday that Mikhail Prokhorov is transferring ownership of the Nets from an American company to a Russian company, implying that's related to the Ukraine...

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