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A Taxing Time For Nets Fans


It's hard to keep track of all the Nets promotions. Reversible Jerseys, Rent-a-Net, Wounded Net Night, Coach for a Day. Where does it end? Not here, not now. The latest? If you...

Nets To Break Ground on Barclays Center Next Week


The Nets will break ground March 11 on Barclays Center. A Brooklyn judge ruled Monday that the ESDC can condemn properties for the arena. Judge Abraham Gerges called critic's...

Nets, Knicks in "Bunker" Battle


With the Knicks spending $800 million to renovate the Garden and the Nets $1 billion to build Barclays Center, money has to come from somewhere. So, both clubs are offering...

Yormark Wants to Put the NEW! in the Nets


Brett Yormark thinks a new broom sweeps clean and is already working on next season's marketing strategy: "We’ll have a new home, new coach, new owners, new players and a new...

As Court Rules Again in Nets Favor, They Market Brooklyn Suites


New York's highest court has rejected arena critics' latest attempt to slow Barclays Center. The Court of Appeals last week refused motions to re-open two cases. They are now...

Team Prokhorov - The "30-Somethings"


By now, we know Mikhail Prokhorov isn't going to be a typical NBA owner. Younger and richer than most, he'll also be the first international owner...and from Russia no less. He...

Brett's Long-Term Bet


While he keeps chasing the next marketing rainbow, Brett Yormark knows that what's underfoot now is quite messy. In an interview with Newsday, he admits things have been...

Newark Move Approved


The Nets will play their last game at the IZOD Center April 12 vs. the Bobcats. The Nets, Devils and the NJSEA approved a deal in which the Nets will pay a $4 million penalty...

Thorn, His Job Apparently Safe, Heads North


Rod Thorn flew to Vancouver Monday for meetings with the $18 billion man. There is now every indication Mikhail Prokhorov will keep Thorn. He and Brett Yormark met Sunday with...

Prokhorov Playing It Close to the Vest


The last time Mikhail Prokhorov was seen publicly, he was meeting with Russia's president in Siberia. That was Thursday. The latest is that he's in Vancouver. As Peter Vecsey...

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