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When It All Went South


Lawrence Frank may well be fired this week, but it doesn't change the basic mediocrity--and uncertainty--that is the Nets franchise. A lot of reporting on the team's demise ...

Iannazzone: Enough Blame to Go Around


Al Iannazzone, writing for YES, pins the blame for the Nets' problems on everyone, from Bruce Ratner to Jason Kidd to Lawrence Frank. There's Ratner's unwillingness to...

EXTRA! Queen Latifah Wants You!


Newark's own Queen Latifah is looking for extras to play hoops fans in her new romantic comedy, "Just Wright". The movie revolves around basketball and will feature cameos by...

Five Days to Go


In our last Off-Season Report before the draft, we offer a handy viewing guide for the festivities and prelims next Thursday--including which writers have the best record on who...

Mavs' Playoff Success Leads to a Re-examining of "The Trade"


It's happening again, the Harris-Kidd debate. Because the Nets aren't in the playoffs and the Mavs beat the (Manu-less) Spurs, the revisionist historians are out and about. ...

Wright, RJ Admit To Feeling Betrayed, Disappointed


In interviews, Antoine Wright and Richard Jefferson admit they weren't happy when the team that drafted them dealt them last year. Wright, speaking with the Dallas News, says he...

Mavs Get Their Revenge


Dallas fans weren't chanting "Thank you, Cuban" like Nets fans did two months ago...but they could have. Jason Kidd put on a virtuoso performance, making his shots, running the...

Facing the Curse of Thorn


Nenad Krstic will not only be battling the Nets tonight. He will also be up against the Curse of Thorn, the downward spiral players face once they are dumped by Rod Thorn. In...

As Trading Time Approaches, a Look Back at the Best...and Worst


On December 15, teams will be allowed to trade players signed as free agents this summer. The pool of tradeable players will expand dramatically. Al Iannazzone says the Nets...

Now Starting for the Dallas Mavericks...Antoine Wright


Antoine Wright has had a good few months in Dallas. He was signed to a new contract and is now the starting shooting guard for the Mavs. In an interview, he talks about his...

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