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Nets No Match for Cavs


It was the best team vs. the worst at the Izod Center on Wednesday, and it looked like it for most of the night. The Nets kept the game close for just a few minutes before a 21-4 Cavs run made it...

Gauging the Future - Two Views


ESPN and the stats-heavy Basketball Prospectus have two different views of the Nets future. In its "Future Power Rankings", ESPN puts the Nets at #18, a drop of one place since November despite...

TWill Barely Moves the Needle in Rookie Rankings


ESPN lists Terrence Williams at #30 in its rookie rankings, barely up from his season low seven spots down. He's not had a good month, averaging only 3.2 ppg, down from the 10.0...

With Little News from Vancouver, Nets Speak of Other Things


Rod Thorn's still in Vancouver, talking with Mikhail Prokhorov about getting the team out of this God-awful mess. So there's little trade talk. Instead, Nets players spoke of...

Dunk King Abdicates, Wants TWill To Take His Place


After three Dunk Contest crowns, Nate Robinson says he's done, but he wants the man he calls "brother" to take his place. Robinson, who won his latest crown Saturday in Dallas...

Lee: It's About Chemistry


At least one Net has gone back to college during All-Star Break. Courtney Lee traveled to Western Kentucky. While there, Lee talked to the local press about the Nets' problems. ...

NBA Rookie Challenge - Friday, February 12, 9:00


Before the season, before the debacle, the Nets hoped the NBA Rookie Challenge could be a showcase for the team's young talent: Brook Lopez, Courtney Lee and Chris...

The Whole Is Not Equal to the Sum of Its Parts


You've heard it or read it before: how can a team with this much, admittedly young, talent be on course to be the worst team in NBA history? Anthony Macri of the highly...

TWill Waiting on Dunk Contest Invite?


Terrence Williams has been minimalist on Twitter lately, but still this tweet Sunday caught our eye..."Finding out tomorrow if I’m in the dunking contest." We assume that means...

Winderman: Wade Could Climb Over a Wall and Land in Jersey


Ira Winderman is a Heat beat writer. He knows his stuff...including how disappointed Dwyane Wade is with his team. He suggests that if the Nets get John Wall in the Draft, Wade...

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