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A History of Williamses


Ghoti blogs about the checkered and varied history of players named Williams that have been on the Nets throughout the years. Terrence: Take heart. Even with your Barbie...

Facing the Curse of Thorn


Nenad Krstic will not only be battling the Nets tonight. He will also be up against the Curse of Thorn, the downward spiral players face once they are dumped by Rod Thorn. In...

As Trading Time Approaches, a Look Back at the Best...and Worst


On December 15, teams will be allowed to trade players signed as free agents this summer. The pool of tradeable players will expand dramatically. Al Iannazzone says the Nets...

The Case of the Tainted Trophy


Before the Laker collapse became the story of the NBA Finals, writers focused on how the two teams got there. It's an outrage, a conspiracy worthy of the CIA! The Celtics got...

The "Curse of Thorn" ... Revised, Updated and Even Scarier


We have to admit, the "Curse of Thorn" isn't really a curse. It's just fun, right? No such thing, right? Well, maybe, or maybe not. The last time we looked at the "Curse" was...

Conjuring Up the "Curse of Thorn"


Rod Thorn seems to know when to hold them and when to fold them. His record of dumping players when they have peaked has helped the team. With one trade done, and another, bigger...

Carter Trade Best Example of Why Teams Should Trade Superstars Early


Sean Deveney of The Sporting News advises the Lakers' Mitch Kupchak to trade Kobe Bryant before the tension between the two sides degenerates into a distress sale. The worst...

Boone Has Shoulder Surgery, Out 4 to 6 Months


The Nets announced late Wednesday that rookie Josh Boone has undergone arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder, then updated their statement Thursday to...

Game 61 - Nets @ Hornets - Sunday, March 12, 7:00


The Nets get their first look at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City as they take on the sinking Hornets Sunday night. New Orleans/Oklahoma City has lost five straight and...

Raptors Could Have Backed Out of Carter Trade


ESPN Insider's Chris Sheridan says that Raptors GM Rob Babcock, who was fired Thursday, could have pulled out of the Vince Carter trade a day later when Alonzo Mourning refused...

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