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Remembering (Trying to Forget?) John Calipari


Speaking of coaches who run up and down the sideline shouting instructions...John Calipari, formerly of the Nets, took over the troubled Kentucky hoops program Wednesday. It's...

As Trading Time Approaches, a Look Back at the Best...and Worst


On December 15, teams will be allowed to trade players signed as free agents this summer. The pool of tradeable players will expand dramatically. Al Iannazzone says the Nets...

No Surprises as Nets Make Cuts


The Nets announced Thursday that they have waived Eddie Gill, Brian Hamilton, Julius Hodge and Keith Van Horn to cut the roster down to 15, which is the allowed maximum. They...

Cutdown Day Arrives


The Nets have to waive four players Thursday--or make an (unexpected) trade. With 19 players on the roster and 16 of them with guaranteed contracts, something has to give. One...

Camby Agent: Nets Didn't Have Enough Nothing for Nuggets


The Nets offered the Nuggets a multi-player package for Marcus Camby this summer but the Clippers' offer of next-to-nothing won the day, says Camby's agent, Rick Kaplan. The Nets...

Staying Hungry on the Court, Aggressive in Front Office Keys for Nets


In his blog and in The Record, Al Iannazzone writes out his prescription for the Nets' long-term success: staying hungry on the court, aggressive in the front office. Kiki...

Roster Math and the Third Point Guard


The Nets have 16 players under contract--including Keith Van Horn, but want to add a third point guard and get down to 14 players by October 27, when final rosters are set. ...

NetsDaily Report: Future Imperfect Edition


The Nets took a risk at the end of June trading Richard Jefferson to the Bucks for Yi Jianlian. Starting Sunday, the team will have a much clearer picture of how well that deal...

Nets Have Plenty of Luxury Tax Cushion


A NetsDaily analysis, admittedly based on incomplete and imperfect data, shows the Nets are more than $9 million below the luxury tax threshold, permitting Rod Thorn to make one...

It's Carter's Turn


This is Vince Carter's team. On Monday, expect Carter to talk about what he thinks about "his" team when reporters get their first chance to talk with him this summer. He's...

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