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Did the Nets Engage in "Slow-Burn Tanking"?


Tom Ziller writes about tanking. Losing to get more ping pong balls and a better draft position is "a bit overblown", but he says what's more common is "slow-burn tanking ......

Morning After...Yi and Youth


Yi Jianlian surprised a lot of people Wednesday...22 points, 8 rebounds, four three pointers, after being out seven weeks. Yi, on good days, has to be seen as part of the Nets'...

Nets Fall to Timberwolves Again


With the second worst team at the Meadowlands Wednesday night, this looked to be a pretty good opportunity for a win. And it was. But the Nets couldn't get enough stops and they...

Hayes, Dooling Concerned about Season


Jarvis Hayes and Keyon Dooling were two of the Nets' best three point shooters last season. Between them, they've played 59 minutes. Hayes could be back this weekend, but fears...

Game 29 - Timberwolves @ Nets - Wednesday, December 23, 7:30


It's not exactly the battle of the titans. The Nets and T'Wolves, the NBA's two worst teams, will face off at the IZOD, the NBA's worst venue, to prove which is the lesser of two...

Yi Back, CDR Out


Yi Jianlian had a full practice Monday--in fact, a three hour practice--in hopes of being able to return to action Wednesday vs. the Wolves. "It takes more than one or two...

Hollinger: T'Wolves "Significantly Worse" Than Nets


On Monday, John Hollinger ranked the Nets 29th in his power rankings (surprising us). On Tuesday, he explains his reasoning, noting that while the Nets have been competitive all...

The Three That Got Away


As the Nets prepare for the Kings and the possibility of a 16th straight loss to begin the season, ESPN's Chris Sheridan looks at three games the Nets could have won--vs. the...

Nets, Wolves Battling for the Bottom


If only Damien Wilkins hadn't hit that buzzer beater in Minnesota back on October 28. Then, it would the Wolves who'd be tempting fate with an 0-13 start. John Hollinger of...

Nets Blow Huge Lead and Lose at the Buzzer


The regular season is looking a lot like the preseason did, as the Nets blew another big lead and failed to execute down the stretch in Minnesota Wednesday night. They took...

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