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Thorn Not So Sure Newark Will Be a Lure


Seven teams now have enough cap space to sign a top-tier free agent. So players are going to look at a lot of things before they make their decision on where to play. The Nets...

Nets Unlikely to Dump Expensive Bench Warmers


The Nets long ago decided not to play the guys with expiring contracts unless they absolutely had to. Some may have thought Bobby Simmons, who's making $11.2 million this year,...

Were the Nets Winners or Losers at the Deadline?


Rod Thorn had offers, but tells Marc Spears he didn't want to deal Devin Harris, Brook Lopez or Courtney Lee, "players that just stood out to us over the course of the year, guys...

Iannazzone: Dismiss Anything Free Agents Say...Until July


Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson and Carlos Boozer don't seem interested in the Nets and have said so. Amar'e Stoudemire, Dywane Wade and Rudy Gay seem open to a Nets offer. Does it...

O'Connor: Thorn Still Best Man for Nets Job


Word is that Rod Thorn's weekend in Vancouver went well, that chances he returns as president are good. Ian O'Connor of The Record writes of all GM candidates, Thorn remains the...

Team Prokhorov - The "30-Somethings"


By now, we know Mikhail Prokhorov isn't going to be a typical NBA owner. Younger and richer than most, he'll also be the first international owner...and from Russia no less. He...

Intangibles Count in Free Agent Recruiting


It's never just about the money...except it almost always is. It's not just about the coach or the teammates or the draft picks or the "plan". It can be about the arena and the...

It's Not Just the Knicks...


The smoke has cleared and capologists around the league have recalculated cap space. Nets' insiders look at the new landscape and note it's not all about the Knicks...in spite of...

Deadline Passes with No Net Deals


Kiki Vandeweghe said it with a straight face: "I like our team". Apparently other teams did not. The deadline passed without any trades. "With regards to the trading deadline,...

Nothin' but Nods: Dave D Interview with New Boss Yields Little


Dave D'Alessandro is biathlon's newest fan. He trudged through the snow to the Olympic venue Tuesday in hopes of engaging the head of the Russian Biathlon Union in...

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