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Labelling T-Will


Why it's a bad idea to define T-Will by any one position.

"Do the John Wall"


Machinima.com is an online entertainment site showing original videos from your favorite video games. It's posted a NBA 2K10 mix of a certain Kentucky guard playing for the Nets next season. It's set to Troop 41's "Do the John Wall". Put together by Jayarealgoon21, it shows a number of Nets players in the background, including Brook Lopez, Yi Jianlian, Terrence Williams, even Sly. But not Devin Harris. We guess we know were he stands on the Wall-Harris debate. One person who might not be happy with the video is Lopez. It shows Wall wearing #11. That's taken.

TWill Gets Shut Out in All-Rookie Voting


Terrence Williams was rookie of the month in April and averaged 14, 7 and 5 over the last quarter of the season, but that didn't impress NBA coaches who vote for the All-Rookie Team. No one expected Williams to make the first or second team but what's surprising is that he didn't receive a single vote. Beyond the ten players who made the first or second team, another 10 rookies received votes, but not TWill. Toney Douglas of the Knicks, who played a minor role for New York until the next few weeks of the season, received a vote.

Did Partying Affect Nets Performance in "Big Game"?


The gossip columnists at the Post are outraged and shocked that five Nets went out the night before their "big game" vs. Miami and actually downed tequilas with "a bevy of hot blondes" in the Florida Room of Miami Beach's Delano Hotel! Devin Harris, Terrence Williams, Courtney Lee, Tony Battie and Bobby Simmons were all at the club "into the early hours" Wednesday. Also in the room: Terrell Owens. Uh-oh. We are sure Mikhail Prokhorov would frown on such activity...or maybe ask to be invited along the next time.

LeBron vs. Terrence: the rookie years


From the forum: An in-depth comparison between Terrence Williams and LeBron James as a rookie and as a 22 year old.

10 Questions for 2009-10?


1. DEE-fense? Devin Harris says it's his top priority: returning to that ballhawk Rod Thorn so loved when he traded Jason Kidd for him 20 months ago. Thorn loved Courtney Lee for the same reason....

The Thorn Report Card - Off-Season Edition


Note: Grades based on long-term consequences of the trade as well as cost-benefit to the team. As the years roll by, they change. Some go up, some go down. We could have (should have?) called it...

Nets vs. Knicks – Cap Space


"We currently have the most cap space available of any team.’’ --Kiki Vandeweghe, GM, New Jersey Nets, October 11, 2009 "We have the most room in the league. That's good. We're No. 1." --Donnie...

If I Were a Rich Man…


When Mikhail Prokhorov becomes principal owner of the Nets--we're no longer saying if, the team’s fortunes will change. That’s a no-brainer, but how? A lot has been written about how a...

TWill's ROY Tweets


I simulated through the season an this is my stats an what I earned Hey don't hate me its what the game did Posted Sept 28th Goin for late night shots an some laps in the pool ROY I needs 11:15...

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