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When It All Went South


Lawrence Frank may well be fired this week, but it doesn't change the basic mediocrity--and uncertainty--that is the Nets franchise. A lot of reporting on the team's demise ...

Iannazzone: Enough Blame to Go Around


Al Iannazzone, writing for YES, pins the blame for the Nets' problems on everyone, from Bruce Ratner to Jason Kidd to Lawrence Frank. There's Ratner's unwillingness to...

Time To Grade Thorn's Moves


Twice a year, once just before the season, the other time just after the trade deadline, we upgrade our Rod Thorn Report Card, taking a look at every trade, free agent signing...

Nixers? 76ets? Does It Work?


Everyone understands the need for cutting costs...and the ties between the Turnpike Twins are long and deep. But not everyone is a fan of the combined Net-Sixer operation in the...

Hype or Just Happy?


Sometime in the next 24 hours, Rod Thorn and Kiki Vandeweghe will go before TV cameras to extol the potential of who they just drafted. No doubt, they'll be enthused after a...

Oh What a Night


Think about it. Michael Redd could have been a Net. So could Gilbert Arenas. Both were considered but rejected by Nets brass. Kyle Korver was a Net for a few minutes, then...

Double Dealing


The Nets have only one pick in the 2009 NBA Draft but at #11, it should be a good one. Will the Nets seek another, as Lawrence Frank (sort of) hinted? If they do, it'll be the...

It's Getting Drafty


With less than a month to go, our Off-Season Report #7 is heavy on the draft, laying out the Nets' revised workout schedule...and explaining why they'll be checking out second...

Nets to Host "Mass Workout" June 12-13


The Nets' practice facility will host a "mass workout" in early June, one of four such events where ten of the league's 30 teams will gather to watch and interview dozens of...

Getting Drafty in Here


The Nets are watching the playoffs like the rest of us, but are mainly focusing on the draft and its immediate aftermath. In our weekly Off-Season Report, we take a look at who...

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