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From Brooklyn to Sochi, Prokhorov's cash has value


Russians love biathlon, but the sport fell into disrepair and scandal. So in 2008, Mikhail Prokhorov took over and guess what he did: spend and spend and spend. Now comes the test of all that...

Increasing role for Prokhorov aide?


Sergey Kushchenko is head of the Russian biathlon union and Mikhail Prokhorov's sports adviser. So why is he in London at Nets practice and not pushing the biathletes? Tim Bontemps and Stefan Bondy...

Going Global ... Via The Lockout


Would we be surprised if the Nets came away from free agency with Nene Hilario of Rio Janiero, Brazil, and Andrei Kirilenko of Moscow, Russia? Not at all. Is it something positive for the Nets'...

Nets Hire CSKA Moscow Official to Handle International Sales


The Nets have announced the hiring of CSKA Moscow's public address announcer and blogger, Dmitry Materanskiy, to be Director of International Sales for the Barclays Center. Materanskiy will operate...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #30


Since the present is so depressing, we're looking at the future. And since the future is so uncertain from a player personnel perspective, we're looking more at Brooklyn and Springfield. First,...

Bogdanovic Still Inconsistent


Bojan Bogdanovic scored 22 points Saturday, two days after joining Fenerbahce and flying to Moscow to play in the Gomelsky Cup, leading his team to the "friendly" tournament's finals. But once...

Johnson: Prokhorov Has Same Passion, Same Goal as Cuban


In an interview with Championat, a Russian sports site, Avery Johnson spoke about how Mikhail Prokhorov has the same passion, if not the same involvement, as Mark Cuban who he worked with in...

Avery: "Mikhail Played Really Well!"


Avery Johnson enjoys playing with his boss, thinks the guy has skills. At the end of Tuesday's charity game in Moscow, the Nets coach said of his 6'9" teammate: "Mikhail played really well today!...

Prokhorov's Team? Start With French Banker, Add Russians, Americans


So who is the "current structure", this "Team Prokhorov" that will deal with "day-to-day decision making" while "Mikhail continues to be a great supporter and fan"...and leader of Pravoe Delo...

Did Team Prokhorov Once Want an NBA Franchise in Moscow?


When the NBA announced it was going to open a Russian office--and word got out that the Nets would hold an open practice in Moscow, Prokhorov advisor Sergey Kushchenko told Russian media that the...

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