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AK-47 meets with Russian students at Barclays


Andrei Kirilenko quietly slipped into Barclays Center Sunday for a Q. and A. session with a delegation of college basketball players from Russia. AK-47, who's settling into new New York digs, spoke...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #14


We love Paul Pierce. We spend a lot of our report this week on his comments about the Nets needing to run the city. We look at the possibilities, the history, etc. as well as the first camp...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #10


This week, we're all about going after those trying to steal our joy, the pundits who are shocked, awed and appalled at the basketball ATM that is Mikhail Prokhorov and the cranky GMs who want an...

How soon on Kidd's assistant coaches?


In one of his interviews Friday, Billy King said of assistant coaches, "There are guys we have targeted and will move as quickly as we can," adding, "some names are true, some are false." Don't be...

Are Nets Closing In On Kirilenko? Well, They Are "Monitoring" Him


Wendell Maxey, who covered the Nets for HoopsWorld and now writes on international basketball, says Andrei Kirilenko has verbally agreed to a three-year deal with the Nets, tweeting that he "spoke...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #26


We're focused, in this week's Off-Season Report on how to read Russian tea leaves about CSKA Moscow's signing of Andrei Kirilenko; who to look for when amnesty takes effect; why we think the Nets...

NetsDaily Exclusive: Kushchenko on His New Role and Prokhorov's ... and Ideas on the Nets as a Global Brand


In an exclusive NetsDaily interview with Sergei Kushchenko, the newest member of the Nets' board says that while he will have a vote on "the major issues facing the team", expect him to focus his...

Kushchenko: "I Will Be Part of Any Major Decisions That Take Place"


Besides the three players drafted by the Nets last week, Monday's press conference also served as a meet and greet with the newest member of the Nets' board of directors, Sergei Kushchenko....

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #8


In our Off-Season Report, We take a look at Marshon Brooks, Sergei Kushchenko, Billy King's record with international picks, Knicks' arrogance, and a lot of other stuff, including how many roster...

Prokhorov Expects Nets to Make Money, Says Russian Aide


In spite of losses exceeding $60 million a year, the Nets' new owner believes the team can eventually make money, says an aide to Mikhail Prokhorov. Sergey Kushchenko ran CSKA Moscow for Prokhorov...

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