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First Quarter Defense Does In Nets


It was one of those 36-minutes-is-not-enough nights at the Izod Center Friday night, as the Nets were unable to recover from a first-quarter onslaught by the Raptors. Playing...

Game 55 - Nets vs. Raptors - Friday, February 19, 8:00


For the second game in a row, the Nets will not have to face one of 2010 free agency's top players. Chris Bosh will be out vs. the Nets, just as Dwyane Wade was, other than for...

Bosh: "Nets Don't Really Know What They're Doing"


Wondering how this coaching carousel is being perceived by top free agents? Here's what Chris Bosh had to say, buried in the AP summary of All-Star Weekend doings: "You never...

Despite Rumors, Colangelo Likely to Stay in Toronto


Bryan Colangelo has gotten the Raptors into the playoffs twice in the four years he's been GM in Toronto. Before that, he had a successful career in Phoenix. Now there are...

Thorn: "Not Looking to Trade CDR"


Rod Thorn told Fred Kerber the Nets are "not looking to trade Chris", adding there's been interest. "I can understand why [teams] like him. He has talent and a small salary."...

For Nets and Others, One-Stop Shop for Free Agents


It's getting harder to imagine a top-tier free agent wanting to join the Nets in 2010, but Rod Thorn (or whoever replaces him) knows there's only one place to call: CAA. The...

Locker Room Immaturity Factor in Harris' Departure


Del Harris quit the Nets because he'd been told he wouldn't make the short list for the head coaching job next season...and because of a lack of maturity in the locker room....

Nets Let Game Get Away in Second Half


The Nets fell to 1-24 on the road Wednesday night, unable to hang with the improved Raptors in Toronto. The Nets quickly went down 11 points, but the second unit turned the game...

Game 48 - Nets @ Raptors - Wednesday, February 3, 7:00


How's this for a road trip: three games in four nights, followed by a visit to Cleveland. The Nets could use the rest, but will have to wait until the All-Star break. The first...

Thinking of Moving Bosh? Boozer? Stoudemire? Call Us!


With the Nets less and less likely to get one of the top-tier free agents come July, they've set their sights on February. Al Iannazzone reports the Nets have told the Suns,...

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