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Power Rankings: Nets Down Again


pessimism is reflected in the first full power rankings of the season. John Schuhmann ranks the Nets at 28th. He offers that "Williams' supporting cast is pretty awful without Brook Lopez and that...

Power Rankings: No Change


The Nets last week featured a win over the Celtics and a loss to the Wizards so it is indeed fitting that they stay exactly where they were at the beginning of the week...in all four power rankings.

Power Rankings: The D-Will Effect


The Nets have lost five straight, including two games with Deron Williams at the point. Not a problem. Marc Stein moves the Nets up four places to #23, while John Schuhmann keeps them at #25.

Power Rankings: Two Wins Move the Needle...Down


The Nets won two out of three last week, including a nice win over the Hornets and a road win over the Bobcats but their loss at home to the Amare-less Knicks hurt them...or maybe it's just the...

Power Rankings: Losses Don't Move Nets Much


"Muddling along" might be a good way to describe the Nets right now. They never get bad enough to make you think all is lost, but never get good enough to give you hope. For every win over the Jazz...

Power Rankings: Sinking Feeling


If you needed one more indication of how bad things are (really, you don't), the power ranking pundits have one for you. The Nets are headed for the bottom of the barrel, with two of the four top...

Power Rankings: Short Shelf Life Edition


In the next few days ( or weeks), as many as 14 NBA players will board planes for new destinations (or not), shuffling the power structure of three teams (or none). So John Schuhmann, Marc Stein...

Power Rankings: Wins Don't Move the Needle


The Nets beat the Hawks and Grizzlies last week, but they remain stuck in the 24/25 slot in all the major power rankings. Call it waiting for Melo, writes Marc Stein.

Power Rankings: ''Double D" Wins


That would be the combination of Devin Harris and DEE-Fense. As John Schuhmann and Marc Stein point out, if the Nets are going to win anything, they're will have to rely on both unless of course...

Power Rankings: "Don't Let Go of the Rope" Edition


John Schuhmann has mercy on the Nets in this week's power rankings. In spite of a week of losses --and sevens straight-- Schuhmann actually jumps them one place, to #25. Of the Nets, he writes,...

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