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SB Nation NHL Mock Draft: Bolts select Seth Jones


The chips fall in unpredictable ways sometimes. In what can be seen as the ideal scenario for the Tampa Bay Lightning, the top defensive prospect in the draft falls to them in the SB Nation mock...

Popeye's Son Top Youth Hockey Prospect


Seth Jones, 6'3" and 200 pounds, never had a desire to play the game that his father played and now coaches. Instead, he was all about the ice and now, he is seen at the top youth hockey player in North America (which includes Canada). NHL fans will have to wait till 2013 for him. That's when he's eligible for the Draft. Until then, he'll be playing for Portland in the Western Hockey League.

Three Bigs Look for New Start


No one is saying they are the answer to the Nets' long quest for a starting power forward, one that has stretches back eight years since Kenyon Martin left for Denver, but three forgotten big men...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #23


So here's this week's agenda: Is it better for the Nets that the entire season is cancelled? Why Bob MacKinnon? What did we learn in a Barclays Center tour? Will the Nets take a deep look at Team...

Globalization This Week


Deron Williams arrived in Istanbul this week and Sundiata Gaines signed with B.C. Armia of Georgia, but that wasn't (officially) part of the Nets globalization agenda, although it can't hurt to...

Johnson Helps Russian Players, Coaches at Moscow Clinics


For Avery Johnson, it was a chance to coach anyone...and he looked thrilled to be doing it. For Mikhail Prokhorov, it was a chance to begin fulfilling his promise to use the Nets expertise to help...

Avery: "Mikhail Played Really Well!"


Avery Johnson enjoys playing with his boss, thinks the guy has skills. At the end of Tuesday's charity game in Moscow, the Nets coach said of his 6'9" teammate: "Mikhail played really well today!...

Hoping for Hoops, Happy with Hockey


We've written about Popeye Jones' son, Seth, before. At 16, he is one of the top hockey defensemen in the USA Hockey, a likely first round pick in the 2013 NHL draft and possibly a future Olympian....

Popeye Jones "Intrigued" by Head Coaching Job at Alma Mater


Another Nets assistant coach may be leaving the team to coach in the college ranks. Popeye Jones, who Avery Johnson first hired in Dallas and then followed him to New Jersey, has expressed interest...

Coaches' Sons Doing Well


And now for something completely different. As they sit day after day, night after night, worrying about their charges on the court, assistant coaches Popeye Jones and Doug Overton must be...

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