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Ben Sheets has a distinct place in history

Ben Sheets was awesome. Let's use standard deviations to see how awesome.

Eovaldi throws hard. Are better results coming?

Nathan Eovaldi throws pretty hard, but where are the results?

Jeremy Guthrie is about to regress

The Royals are counting on Jeremy Guthrie to continue his career trend of beating his peripherals. What is driving that trend, and is it likely to continue?

Masterson vs. Porcello

The two pitchers have achieved similar results with different approaches. Using standard deviations, we can see how their performances align with historical precedent.

What to make of James Loney in 2014

James Loney was a very pleasant surprise for the Rays in 2013, as he became yet another successful first base reclamation project. They signed him to a three year deal worth $21 million this offseason. Can he repeat his success in 2014?

The Price was right in the second half

David Price was dominant after returning from a triceps injury that caused him to miss all of June . What was the key to his success?

Cutters, curveballs, sliders and changeups oh my!

The title says it all. Which pitcher has the best pitch on the Rays staff?

Clay Buchholz, ace with a glass arm

With the recent signing of Bronson Arroyo, a lot has been made of pitcher durability. On the other hand, Clay Buchholz has never thrown more than 189.1 innings. How important is his inability to stay healthy?

Ryan Madson is worth the risk

Ryan Madson hasn't thrown a pitch in a major league game since 2011, but what makes him a very intriguing low-risk, high-reward pickup?

The Edinson Volquez project

Edinson Volquez was really good in 2008. Since then he's been really bad. The Pirates resuscitated the careers of A.J. Burnett and Francisco Liriano the last two seasons. Can Pittsburgh pull off another reclamation project with Volquez?

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