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What to Expect from the New Guys


The Nets have liked Kris Humphries for a while. Shawne Williams was forced on them, the price for getting Humphries. Chris Quinn was value returned for Rafer Alston. Dallas...

Getting Closer


Interesting week. Courtney Lee came out of his shell to say convincingly how happy he is to be a Net, no longer relying on Dwight Howard to provide updates on his mental health. ...

Measuring Chris Quinn


Chris Quinn wasn't supposed to make it in the NBA. He wasn't drafted. He doesn't fit the mold. But here he is, in his fourth year, making a million dollars doing something he loves. We should...

Measuring Shawne Williams


Shawne Williams took a chance, leaving Memphis after one year. His basketball skills thrilled those who scouted him in high school and his numbers at Pre-Draft Camp were solid if not eye-popping....

Measuring Kris Humphries


The numbers on Kris Humphries are encouraging, if not overwhelming. If ever there was a player who fit the description of "fallen angel", it's him. Entering the NBA at age 19 after a single...

Najera's Road Back Begins Now


Eduardo Najera is the Nets’ forgotten man. After missing two-thirds of the season to various injuries, the last a sports hernia that required season-ending surgery, Najera is on the comeback trail....

Streetballin' Man


There’s a couple of ways of looking at the Vince Carter trade. A pessimist might say it was a simple salary dump of Carter for the expiring contracts of Rafer Alston and Tony Battie, with Courtney...

For Lee, Harris is the Model


On Draft Night in 2008, the Nets already felt blessed by the time the 21st pick was called. They had taken Brook Lopez with the 10th pick, believing him to be, correctly, the steal of the Draft. N...

Ager's Opportunity


It was only about a year ago that Donnie Nelson professed his love for the Mavericks' young nucleus. At the press conference announcing the signing of Devin Harris to a multi-year deal, Nelson...

Brook Lopez - California to the Core


To those with an untutored East Coast ear, when Brook Lopez speaks…they hear this…dude. But Brook Lopez is no surfer dude, no Jeff Spicoli. That’s not to say he's any less West Coast than, say,...

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