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Nets Thinking Horizontal, Not Vertical


No, that doesn't mean they're going small ball. It means, says Lawrence Frank, that the Nets roster has been leveled out...no more of that "Big Three bull". Instead, it's all...

Yormark Denies Team is for Sale


Brett Yormark was on the FOX Business Network on Tuesday to talk about logos on practice jerseys, and when asked about a potential sale of the Nets, he denied that Bruce Ratner...

Barclays CEO: "We Won't Be Walking Away"


Barclays Bank CEO Bob Diamond is in Jersey City for the PGA tourney named for his company. And across New York Bay, Diamond believes there'll soon be another "Barclays", the...

Pro-Arena Council Candidate Got $200,000 from Ratner


In the latest controversy over the Barclays Center, a pro-arena candidate for New York City Council admitted Wednesday that she has received $200,000 from Bruce Ratner's...

How Real is the Russian's Interest?


Sports Illustrated, ESPN, the New York Times and the Star-Ledger have all reported that Mikhail Prokhorov, Russia's richest man, is interested in buying or investing in the Nets....

Ratner Remains Optimistic as Deadlines Loom


In an interview with the New York Times, Bruce Ratner remains confident of getting financing, winning final legal appeals, finding new investors for the Nets. He also says the...

Grading the Dumps -- Nets Do Better than Most


In the NBA, a salary dump is when a star is traded for the league equivalent of loose change: cap space denominated in expiring contracts, draft picks, young player(s) and/or...

Nets Still in Waiting Mode, Made a Bid for Marion


At the end of a column mainly devoted to strange contract incentives (Rafer Alston and Tony Battie have some), Dave D'Alessandro writes that the Nets made a bid for Shawn Marion...

Nets Gate Receipts Drop a League Record 29%


If you're still wondering how bad things are for the Nets financially, wonder no more. An analysis of a confidential NBA report for the 2008-09 season obtained by CBS Sports...

As Revenues Fall, Nets' Front Office Shrinks


In addition to the ten staffers laid off two weeks ago, ten other front office positions haven't been filled, reports Sports Business Journal. That brings team staff down to...

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