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With Depleted Staff, Nets Lean on Loyer


John Loyer is the guy sitting next to Kiki Vandeweghe now that Del Harris is gone. A veteran assistant with several NBA teams, most recently Philly, Loyer is popular with the...

TWitterGate: Day 2


Yes, he loves his teammates and loves being in New Jersey, too, but Terrence Williams tells reporters he has no regrets about what he wrote Monday on Twitter. "How would it be a...

Reading Between the Lines: The Need for a New Voice


Picking through reports on Lawrence Frank's firing, one pattern quickly emerges: team officials say Frank had lost much of the locker room and a "new voice" was needed. In...

The Aftermath - Loyer? Harris?


With Lawrence Frank out, the Nets are more likely to choose a successor from the ranks of his assistants, possibly John Loyer, than move Kiki Vandeweghe to the bench. Rod Thorn...

TWill Learning How to Dominate


None of the rookie rankers mentioned it, but Terrence Williams' four double-doubles are more than all the NBA's rookies ... combined. His skillset and size give him advantages...

CDR's Frustration Ready to Boil Over?


If you watched the YES post-game show, you saw Keyon Dooling sitting behind Chris Douglas-Roberts. It was no accident. Dooling, Al Iannazzone reports, was there to make sure CDR...

CDR's Summer Plans: "Just Live in the Gym, Man"


In another of Ben Couch's summer profiles, Chris Douglas-Roberts talks about his summer plans: get better at his mid-range game...and get a "lot more" tattoos. "Just shoot," he...

Boki: "I'd Love to Return to the Nets"


Boki Nachbar spoke this morning to Fred Kerber and gave first hand evidence of his desire to rejoin the Nets after a season in Moscow: "I'd love to return to the Nets, I have...

March Madness...in Chicago


In the first three Bulls-Nets matchups this season, Chris Douglas-Roberts got to play just once against his college teammate, Derrick Rose, and scored just two points. He sat on...

Chris Douglas-Roberts in Transition


This time last year, Chris Douglas-Roberts was leading Memphis to a Final Four berth in the NCAA. A first team All-American, CDR was a big man on campus and a big man in college...

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