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Fan's Birthday Tribute To Teletovic

A fan blog in Vitoria, Spain, offers a tribute to Mirza Teletovic on the occasion of his 27th birthday. Monday. David Pejenaute wishes the Nets rookie good luck in Brooklyn, saying "Teletovic who...

Is Blatche the Nets' Agent Zero?


The Nets have posted the full list of uniform numbers and only real news is that Andray Blatche has chosen "0," which could be about starting over from scratch but is also likely to remind people...

Teletovic Must Go Inside To Win Job

EuroStep, a website that follows the European basketball scheme, analyzes the recent development of Mirza Teletovic's game.

Mirza, Bojan, Toko, Ilkan All Win

With Bosnia playing its final game, vs. Romania, in the Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament Saturday and Croatia still having to play Hungary and Austria before the tourney closes on Tuesday, how much...

Teletovic Wins Battle of Net Rookies

As a reporter for FIBA Europe wrote Wednesday, "No team that has Teletovic is out of contention until the final buzzer sounds." In a battle between teams starring Nets' rookies, Teletovic scored 25...

Teletovic, Shengelia One-on-One


At 11 a.m. Eastern Time, Bosnia and Georgia will face off in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. It's a crucial game for both in the Eurobasket Qualifying Round and a pretty big deal for Nets scouts...

Avery: Not a Championship Team


Avery Johnson visited a Fort Worth high school Tuesday to talk to the students about "staying out of life's emergency rooms" but reporters talked to him about basketball, both in Dallas and...

Teletovic Shows Why He's a "Steal"

When a Bosnia reporter recently asked Mirza Teletovic how he expected to play for the Nets, he responded modestly, "I do not know really, I will try my best as I did before, to show to the coach as...

Teletovic Exploits Getting Notice

Kurt Helin of NBC Sports writes Monday about Mirza Teletovic. After his signing got little notice back in July, his exploits at the Eurobasket Qualifying Tournament in August and now September have...

Teletovic Shooting Is Horrid in Loss

Bosnia lost to Latvia Thursday in the Eurobasket Qualifying Round, 80-64, but for Nets fans, the worse news is that Mirza Teletovic had another miserable shooting night.

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