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Are the Mavs interested in Courtney Lee?


The Nets' favorite trading partner the past two years has been the Mavs. Since February 2008, the teams have exchanged 11 players, two draft picks and $3 million in cash. Now,...

Humphries Happy With the Nets, Happy With the Minutes


Kris Humphries talks with SLAM about the balance between getting minutes and getting wins: "You’ve got to find yourself along the way and sometimes that means being in tough...

High-Energy Humphries


Kris Humphries has played limited minutes the last six years, mainly because who he's played behind: Carlos Boozer, Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzi. He has his flaws: shot selection...

Williams A Week Away


A couple of questions about the newest Net were answered before Wednesday's game. Shawne Williams had been working out during his exile from the Mavs, first in his hometown of...

Mavs Were Looking for Different Deal


Marc Stein reports on what held up the Nets deal with the Mavs last week: Dallas was hoping to trade the same assets to the Jazz for Carlos Boozer. Under that scenario,...

Done with Sean, But Not with Shawne


Rod Thorn told beat writers Monday the Nets want to take a look at Shawne Williams. It had been widely expected the Nets would waive the talented but troubled (sound familiar?)...

What to Expect from the New Guys


The Nets have liked Kris Humphries for a while. Shawne Williams was forced on them, the price for getting Humphries. Chris Quinn was value returned for Rafer Alston. Dallas...

Who's Next? Looks Like Boone


In the past week, the Nets have waived Rafer Alston and Sean Williams, traded Eduardo Najera and acquired Kris Humphries, Chris Quinn, Shawne Williams, a second round pick and...

Najera Welcomes Return to Winning Ways


Sounding disappointed about his stay in New Jersey, Eduardo Najera says he's excited about returning to Dallas and winning. "Obviously right now we need play makers and I'm not...

Williams Causes Trouble at Club in Last Days as a Net


Sean Williams' once-promising Nets career will come to an end on Monday, but not before he gets his name in the paper for the wrong reasons once again. Williams was reportedly...

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