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NetSationals a Hit on TODAY


The NetSational Dancers made yet another appearance Saturday on the Today Show. In the story, the Dancers spoke about the music, the dancing and the fans...as well as how much the group means to...

Nets Battle Perceptions in Brooklyn


Even as Barclays Center construction goes horizontal as well as vertical --with steel for the first floor being installed last week-- there remains within the sports industry, and among the team’s...

Attendance Still Down, But Fan Enthusiasm Is Up


By committing $4 million to break their lease at the IZOD, the Nets took a gamble that the easy access afforded by the Prudential Center would lure more fans, particularly those from New York AND...

Yormarks Like a Challenge


The Times profiles Brett and Michael Yormark, who run two of sports' most distressed franchises, the NBA Nets and the NHL Panthers. They claim they like the challenge and in the words of the Times,...

Are Nets Encouraging Russians to Smoke More?


Smoking inside NBA arenas has long been banned, so why is lighter maker Zippo buying signage at the Prudential Center? It's not about US sales, the Times reports, but selling more lighters in...

Nets Lock Up Nivea For Locker Room In Six Figure Deal


Smelly socks and jock straps, mens' cologne and hair gel...these are the things of NBA locker rooms...and in the case of the Nets, add Nivea skin care products. The Nets have signed a two year deal...

Nets Social Net Savvy


The Nets' social networking visibility has dramatically increased over the last several years with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and MySpace. Their traffic on Facebook is up 350%...

Yormark: "We Loved Yi But We're Going in a Different Direction"


In an interview with Sohu, the big China website, Brett Yormark talks about how he hopes Chinese firms will use the Nets as their global entre, in spite of the team's trade of Yi Jianlian in the...

Nets Think Globally, Act Locally


The Nets are thinking globally and expect to arrive in Brooklyn in 2012. In the meantime, they will be acting locally, as in Newark. And Newark is thinking about them, too, despite that temporary...

For Nets, Going Global Not So Easy


The Nets keep talking about branding themselves as the World's Team. The NBA's first international owner wants it. And certainly, they're pushing the product. A game against an Israeli team to open...

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