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Frank: "CDR Is An Unbelieveable Competitor"


In an interview with WFAN's Evan Roberts, Lawrence Frank gave his endorsement to Chris Douglas-Roberts, who he called "an unbelievable competitor", adding, "he worked his tail...

Reunited to Bring Back Some Magic


Vince Carter had no comment when Lawrence Frank was fired, surprising because of how the they'd been, at least publicly, a mutual admiration society in New Jersey. Now, Frank...

Will Lopez Be Better than Howard?


Brook Lopez didn't make the All-Star team reserves, but Dime's Gerald Narciso says this affront will be the last for a long time. Narciso writes that he believes Lopez has "more...

Lee: We're Trying to Keep from Going Insane


In an interview with his hometown radio station, Courtney Lee talks about how tough it is to stay positive at 3-40: "It’s the only thing we can do keep from going insane. To try...

The Many Motivations of Courtney Lee


Courtney Lee knows he is in a shooting slump--although his 20-point, 8-16 night Wednesday may mean he's coming out of it. He also knows that taking 1,000 jumpers a day will...

Carter, Anderson Pulling for Former Teammates


They still watch. They still talk to their former teammates and although their team is doing well, Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson worry about the Nets. "I always keep up with...

Nets Can Only Hang With Magic for So Long


The worst start in franchise history got worse Friday night as the Nets fell 88-72 in Orlando. The Nets scored the first seven points of the game and led by 10 midway through the...

Game 9 - Nets @ Magic - Friday, November 13, 7:00


A Friday the 13th game against a team named the Magic? The Nets laugh at such jinxes. What else can they do? Seeking their first win after eight losses--the last three...

Numbers Game


As the Nets prepare for their mini-road trip to Florida, they still don't know if they will have any more than eight players available vs. the Magic or Heat. Of the seven...

Alston Worries About Youth and Attitude


In an interview Thursday with Basketball Pioneers, a Chinese hoops magazine, Rafer Alston talks about the team's youth being behind a lot of its problems, particularly on...

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