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Did West Sweet Talk Calipari Out of Taking Kobe?


The story of how the Nets passed on Kobe Bryant in the 1996 Draft is well known, but a new book says it was Jerry West who engineered it all by sweet-talking John Calipari out of...

Bucher: Lakers Couldn't Get Harris


Rod Thorn has said it's "very, very unlikely" the Nets will trade Devin Harris. Now, Ric Bucher who first reported the Lakers' interest in Harris has written on his Twitter...

John Wall To Enter NBA Draft


The John Wall Watch is on. The Kentucky guard, with the help of a threat from UK coach John Calipari, said Saturday he has "no choice" but to plan for a June trip to New York....

Bucher: Lakers Inquired About Harris


On ESPN's daily NBA podcast, Ric Bucher says the Lakers called the Nets about the availability of Devin Harris. Bucher wasn't asked what the Lakers were offering or how the Nets...

Nets Beat Lakers ... in First Half, Get Crushed in Second


The Nets at least gave the Lakers something to talk about at halftime at the Izod Center Saturday night. The start wasn't as disastrous as it was Friday in Toronto, but the...

Game 28 - Lakers @ Nets - Saturday, December 19, 8:00


The Weather Channel is forecasting heavy snow Saturday night around game time. Maybe the Lakers bus will get lost in a snow bank! Maybe there'll be a whiteout or brownout or ...

Jackson: Meadowlands Big Negative


Back in 1999, the Nets previous owners pursed Phil Jackson, then between jobs. They offered him more than anyone had offered him before or since, he says. But as he tells J.A....

Lakers Put Nets Away Early


There was never any doubt that the Nets would tie the NBA record for the longest winless streak to start a season Sunday night in L.A. A 22-2 Lakers run in the first quarter made...

Game 17 - Nets @ Lakers - Sunday, November 29, 9:30


As the Nets stare deep into the abyss Sunday night, there smiling right back at them will be Kobe Bryant. With one chance to avoid an 0-17 start and history, the Nets go up...

Who's the Real "Kobe Stopper"?


A lot of players have been dubbed "Kobe Stoppers" and one, Ruben Patterson, even claimed the title. As John Schuhmann points out in his column on the NBA's best defenders, the...

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