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It's Not Just the Knicks...


The smoke has cleared and capologists around the league have recalculated cap space. Nets' insiders look at the new landscape and note it's not all about the Knicks...in spite of...

Nets "Inquired" About Sergio Rodriguez


The Sacramento Bee reports the Knicks and Nets "inquired" about Kings' back up point guard, Sergio Rodriguez, the flashy 6'3" Spaniard once known as "Spanish Chocolate. ...

Nets Can't Recover From Terrible First Half


The Nets moved to within one game of the NBA record for the longest winless streak to start a season with a 109-96 loss in Sacramento Friday night. They looked very much like an...

Harris to Start in Sacto


Devin Harris hasn't started since the season opener at the IZOD, 13 losses ago. He starts Friday vs. the Kings. Rafer Alston said he told Lawrence Frank it was time to hand the...

Game 16 - Nets @ Kings - Friday, November 27, 10:00


If the Nets are to avoid tieing the record for worst start in NBA history, pundits say this is their only chance. But the Kings have won six games (lost eight), they're playing...

Rev Up the Moving Vans...but Not for the Nets


Things may be unsettled for the Nets...with lawsuits, losses as high as $30 million and an owner looking to sell all or part of the team. But Alex Raskin writes in HoopsWorld...

Fratello Seeks...But Can't Get...Interview with Kings


Mike Fratello has 666 wins and a .551 winning percentage as an NBA coach. As Nets fans know, the "Czar of the Telestrator" is also a pretty good TV color guy. Fratello wants...

Nets Not Interested in Mikki Moore


Mikki Moore's agent says the former Net will decide Tuesday where he will play the rest of this season. Mark Bartelstein told the Rocky Mountain News that Boston, Denver,...

Quincy Douby Signing "Conceivable but Not Likely"


Both The Record and Post report the Nets have some interest in Brooklyn native and former Rutgers star Quincy Douby, waived by the Kings Thursday. However, the Nets would have...

How Desperate the Nets?


In almost every story about Vince Carter trade scenarios, there's always a reference to how the Nets are "hemorrhaging" money, with "mounting losses", etc. What isn't reported...

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