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The Billion Dollar Question: Now What?


NBA.com's John Schuhmann asks the ultimate Nets question: So what's next for the Nets. They certainly have more than 10 wins worth of talent, but how will it all shake out as the Nets seek a new...

Kiki To Coach Wednesday Following Mother's Death


Colleen Kay Hutchins, the mother of Kiki Vandeweghe and Miss America of 1952, died Wednesday morning, her son announced. "I was really happy I went back. I was very lucky to spend some time with my dad," said Vandeweghe, who planned to coach the Nets on Wednesday against Sacramento. "It was important, harder on him than anybody. It's better for me to stay busy to tell you the truth."

Tick, Tick, Tick - Time Running Short for the Nets


The Nets have to win one-fourth of their final 12 games, knowing they've only won one-tenth of the first 70--if they are going to avoid the NBA record for futility. As the days dwindle down, the...

How Big a Deal is Yi's Development?


Yi Jianlian’s development has the potential to change everything. An exaggeration? Probably. A hope? No doubt. The addition of a legitimate fourth building block, beyond Devin Harris, Brook...

Postponing Joy


For a year and a half, the Nets have pointed their fans to a shining vision: the 2010 free agent class, saying in effect, there will be pain now, but in 2010, it'll all pay off. Team officials...

For Yi, It All Started with Harris


Yi Jianlian has to be the Net player most pleased with the coaching change. Kiki Vandeweghe, of course, has been Yi's biggest booster in the Nets’ organization. It was Vandeweghe who before the...

If I Were a Rich Man...

When Mikhail Prokhorov becomes principal owner of the Nets--we're no longer saying if, the team’s fortunes will change. That’s a no-brainer, but how? A lot has been written about how a...

Hot Topic: Without a new Front Office...


Do the Nets need new management, or should Rod Thorn and/or Kiki Vandeweghe continue to run the team beyond this season?

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